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Depression kills slowly. Depressed people often isolate themselves and gradually shut themselvesdown. Logical thinkers don’t have to end up in a room of depressed mind. They're in a dark placeand no matter how desperately you have already tried to show them the face of the light, it neverseem to be working for them. It is because they've closed all the doors of imagination and arecomfortable within that dark room.How to help your depressed partner –
1. Depression Is Not Just A sad Feeling
Depression and sadness are not the same, they are different. Sadness is a just an emotion whiledepression is a mental state that correlates with everything you do, literally everything. Depressionis like a colour blind person, who cannot enjoy the beautiful colours of life.
2. Illness is not the route of everything wrong
If you and your partner are having an argument and he/she expresses they aren't happy with anaspect of your relation, do not assume stuff and blame it on their depression. Also, if you are havinga fight and blame them for being depressed, you've gone too far already.
3. It's Not always You
Naturally, when you see your loved one depressed or sad, you start to question yourself. This is amistake made by most of us which in return starts affecting one’s own mental condition and health.Remember that your partner's depression may not have anything to do with your presence in theirlife. Don't always think about what you did wrong or how your efforts to keep them happy went invain. It's not you to be blamed.
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