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Compatibility isn't just two people having the feeling of love for each other. It is not about thembutterflies you feel in your stomach before going out together. It’s also not about that great sex. Itisn't about you willing cross any limit to make each other happy. Compatibility is a sense ofbelonging, a feeling of togetherness.
What are the signs to look for to check if you're compatible with someone?
1. Things in Common –You may have heard stories from your friends about how a two travelling junkies fell in love while ona trekking trip. For you to be compatible with someone need not to belong from similar professionbut may be just to meet at a common point, that gets you both happy and closer.
2. Money Matters –Just Love will not fill your stomach. You can have different opinions over this statement. What tonotice is that if your partner values the same point or not. Also, having same opinion about thebudget for - shopping, travelling and even primary things like grocery, bank balance is important.
3. Being There For Each Other –Little fights and stress is common in daily life, especially in relationship. How you handle yourpartner’s stress tells a lot about your role in relationship. The way you react when they're downabout a silly problem like losing a cricket match, having an argument at work or a more difficultsituation like getting fired at office or an illness, is what defines your relationship.
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