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Getting over a failed love is often harder than it is to admit. If you have no answer to the following questions, then you still depend on your ex-boyfriend. Are you over your ex? These questions reveal it.

There is no easy way to effectively handle a breakup. When a partnership breaks up, the heart takes time to heal. Some are faster, others slower. If you want to know if you are definitely above your ex, then you should be able to answer these questions.

Do you know what you would do differently in a second chance?

If you are still circling around the mistakes and looking for a culprit, then you are not ready for something new. Only the one who also thinks through his own mistakes can also be open to a new love. All others are still stuck too much in the past.

Do you still feel anger at your ex-boyfriend?

Those who complain of a more miserable relationship undergo certain phases of grief. Anger is one of the first stages, which means that you have not finished the separation yet. Anyone who gets involved in new dates now runs the risk of annoying the other person with the blasphemy over the past.

Can you watch love films without tears?

You look at a little one, like “PS I love you” or “Like a single day” and can not stop crying? Your heart becomes heavy and feels like it’s breaking into 1,000 pieces again? It is quite obvious: they are still stuck in heartache and can hardly bear being alone.

Are you aware that it takes more than love to keep a relationship going?

“But we loved each other so much,” is a phrase that sneaks into your thoughts on a regular basis. You can not explain why and why your relationship ended up failing. Love alone is not always enough. Only if both partners work on their own, can express and accept criticism and can not ignore the communication, relationships have a real chance in the long term.

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