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Laptops are very popular in today’s world. The surge of technology has made individuals dependent on multiple gadgets for conducting several tasks. The popularity of laptops is evident from the huge development among brand that produces gadgets. The MacBook Pro series of laptops have overtaken the market with its design and portability.

MacBooks are variously used for business and educational purposes. Computer technology has witnessed an exponential rise in demand and evolution since its inception, and the most recent version of MacBook devices are well known for their versatility in terms of use and portability.The difference in the previous and the latest MacBook notebooks.

It is obvious that the previous version of the MacBook series has been upgraded according to the latest development in technology and the devices are made more user-friendly. The key difference in the current MacBook series with respect to the older versions is the exclusion of the ports. There were many slots and ports in the earlier MacBooks, but in the current one, no place for insetting jacks are kept. Therefore apart from the headphone plug-in, there are no places for inserting any jacks or cards.

The removal of inbuilt ports in the MacBook devices has popularized the use of USB-c hub for MacBook Pro. A few types of multi-port devices available for the MacBook series of notebooks are enlisted below:

USB C Hub having four ports
The four ports hubs have USB 3.0 which is necessary for charging, transfer of data and syncing purposes. For transferring data, the speed is usually 5 GBPS. These gadgets are crafted from plastic which is of superior quality and can function in harsh weather conditions. It can work seamlessly in all instances. This type of multi-port hub is suitable for the Pro series of MacBook notebooks of 2016 and 2017.

Hubs with three ports and two slots
Another type of multi-port which is suitable for all types of MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks has 3 USB 3.0 ports, one port for HDMI output and two slots for SD card and TF. Therefore it can be understood that by using this multiport device a person can insert all the peripherals instantaneously which will inadvertently keep everything organized. The efficiency of this port is understandable from the advanced HDMI port present in this device. With this port, the desktop display can be extended into another display. This implies that a person can work by switching on the mirroring option while using a projector so that the person can view what is shown to the viewers. It is very light and has a smooth surface.

The USB c hub devices are becoming the popular choice for technology lovers as it offers multiple functions encased in a sleek body that can easily fit in one’s bag.

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