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There is no day that we stop searching the Internet and try to keep the best tools to be more efficient in SEO. With these three tips to use Google Trends in SEO, you will discover that you do not need others. What we will tell you directly affects the choice of keywords to improve content marketing.

3 ways to use Google Trends in SEO
Google Trends is an add-on created by Google that seeks to visually compare the level of traffic. Despite not saying exactly the amount of traffic, it does show an approximate one. This becomes interesting because if we know the amount of traffic of a linked word or phrase, we can attack.

Get more accurate traffic data

In case you want to unblock the traffic information of an exact word, you should compare it with another keyword that has been classified and is linked to the levels of all traffic. It is true that Google Trends will not show the exact amount, however, knowing the amount it generates and the traffic level of the other word will be clearer.

Future content plan

It is good to have a long-term vision to make the best decisions in the future. Looking forward will help you to understand more the focus of all content. In case a product is far below the competition, it may be time to think and modify the content taking it to a different topic. In some cases, until you change the content model completely.

Publications calendar

This aspect will be in charge of exterminating any conjecture and thus, elaborate a chronogram of publications. The related searches will appear and also the trends that are increasing. Of course we cannot leave aside the searches related to the Near Me trend on Friday and Saturday. In case you have a website or podcast aimed at how to make things a web linked to hobbies, hang it on a Sunday, Monday or Wednesday. Sending a Newsletter could also be one of the alternatives.

In case your business is inclined by fast food, you will notice that it is significant to have specials, offers and others.

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