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Who doesn’t want a day off, especially when this holiday is not an expected one? That feeling is something which makes a lot of people speechless but, that but takes all our happiness. And that but is ‘work from home’. The feeling of ‘Work from home’, on a day off is like you have been given money but you can’t actually spend and that pain is the biggest pain one can have in their life.

But you know that there are some people who feel happy in gazing that money from distance. So basically today I will talk about different types of people and their feelings about ‘Work from home’. Let’s get started...

1. Work is life-

The extra dedicated employees of the company who can actually give their life to a company can work anytime, be it working after the office, or during the weekends. So these people will actually have no problem with working from home. So basically they are like those elders in our lives so say’ Bacha padhne wala ho toh wo kahi bhi padh hi leta hai’.

2. Creative people-

They have a masterpiece of excuses and no can actually beat them in that. So they are the one who will either escape from working from home in advance or has a creative excuse to give later.

3. Work and cry-

You would have seen a lot of people who have the habit of crying at every little thing, not literally crying but you know what I mean? That complaining nature of doing everything but after cringing.

4. Smart ones-

They know how to actually balance and fun both. They have the talent of completing the work smartly in very less time. So they would neither comprise on their work nor on their enjoyment.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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