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The debate whether deadlines are actually good for our work performance or not is a continuing one and there exists a lot of contradictory opinions on the same. While some think that creativity actually ends up when you are given a deadline while others have this opinion that you can actually have more creative ideas when you have a fixed time frame.

However, how much we end up on hating the work deadlines and restrictions there are advantages of working under deadlines.

Creativity and deadlines

Creativity or the that eureka moment of life when you get once in a brilliant idea are actually exceptions or the rare situations and without a doubt it requires that piece of mind. But when you are not given a fixed time you actually end up bringing up nothing.

Here is why:

Human has this tendency that when they are not accountable they begin to work less and hence are less productive. Thus the deadlines give us the clarity in mind of thinking about something.

For a non- creative work :

Talking about the daily routine work, are deadlines good? Does it increase our productivity?

The answer is yes of course, because when we know that we have to finish so and so work in so and so time period. We will actually finish it, no matter how. You know that fear factor.

Having said that, when there is so much pressure of working on deadlines you actually begin to decrease the quality of work in order to complete the work.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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