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Braces can really make you stand out but still many fear the same for numerous reasons. However, it is not as messy as many of us think. So debunking all your concerns about braces here we are exposing all the myths that revolve around the same.

Braces will Hurt!

If we talk about getting Orthodontic treatment 2 decades ago then this would have not been a myth. But today with the advancement in dental technology the treatment is close to painless. With the new age braces, the adjustment is minimum and hence no sufferings.

Braces are too Costly!

People believe that getting braces is a costly affair. Especially the invisible braces cost in India is way too high. this they believe by word of mouth. But what they fail to notice is that the Orthodontic treatment cost varies from case to case. With easy payment options now available, getting braces is now a pocket-friendly task.

Braces are only for Kids!

This is the age-old myth. Yes, getting Braces in the early stage helps but it is never too late to get the braces. If your gums are healthy then the option is viable for you. With the technological developments, people from 6 to 60 yrs can get their teeth fixed with braces.

One can get Braces from any Dentist!

This is not at all true. Only an orthodontist is trained in putting the braces and have specialized skills to carry your treatment. The way a regular dentist and Orthodontist work is very different. This is because it is not only about the correction of the crooked teeth but also involves various other issues to be taken into consideration.

Braces attract metal detectors!

This is the most widespread myth about braces. This had been the talk of the town for a long time. But in reality, metal braces are extremely light and will never trigger an alarm. They are only used to get the problem of the teeth resolved and are completely safe.

Braces make you look funny!

Gone are the days when your teeth outshine due to braces on. The new age braces are hardly visible and at the same time effective. Invisible braces, clear aligners are new kind of braces which are not at all visible. People might not even figure out if you are actually wearing the braces. Not only adults there are various color options for kids which make the braces look cool.

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