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Do you want to enter a new and wonderful world? Do you like nature and the sense of peace and tranquility? Fascinate you the new challenges and adventures? If so, one of the most interesting sports you can do is diving. With it, you will discover a universe that is within reach of your hand but that we do not usually see or appreciate many times. So as know we have added to your adrenaline rush, you may feel like diving into the depths. But before that, you need to be aware of these equipments you will need when doing the same.

Diving suit
As you have already imagined, diving, besides giving you greater mobility and aerodynamics in the water, has the function of avoiding that you suffer hypothermia that could even lead you to death, depending on where you are diving. There are three fundamental types: wet, semi-dry and dry.

The glasses or masks
The function of the glasses is, first of all, you can see without problems underwater, something essential in diving. Protect your eyes and nose from all kinds of particles. You should try them out first for warm assures that they fit you perfectly and that they are totally watertight.

This is the other element of basic equipment. When you put them on your feet you will look like a penguin on the ground, but with them, you will get a great speed under water. There are several designs, sizes, and materials, as well as various types of adjustments, which is why you have to choose the ones that suit you best or that suit your style of diving.

Hydrostatic vest
This type of vests holds, with a harness, the bottle to your back. It incorporates a tube of air that will give you buoyancy and with it, you will feel like a real diver. It can inflate or deflate according to your desire or needs.

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