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The feud continues between the royals after several months of Prince Harry’s wedding with Megan Markle. Apparently, things have slightly improved between Prince Harry and Prince William but it’s nothing like the bond they shared before.

The feud started when Prince William didn’t approve Harry’s will of marrying Megan just after one year of dating, Prince William said so because he waited until 8 years before marrying Kate Middleton. But this did not go well the younger brother.

Prince Harry married Megan soon after, but as per reports, the Dutchess of Sussex is not getting the respect she deserves. Although many close sources have denied the rumor it’s seen clearly, that with time Prince Harry and Megan have moved always from the Royalty.

Recently they have moved out of Kensington Palace where Prince William and his family live. Things have never been well between Dutchess of Cambridge and Sussex as well. They don’t enjoy each other’s company anymore and don’t even have common friends.

Kate has followed the Royal protocol ever since her marriage but after Megan’s entry she felt like things were too strict for her and the same is not being done with Megan. Where its fashion choices or time devoted for events, she’s been sparred of most of the royal duties.

Earlier Prince Willaim, Harry, and Kate used to share a beautiful bond of friendship, they were very close to each other and used to spend time together quite often but lately, things have changed too much and chances of them getting back to normal are pretty less.

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