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More than just looking great, a lot of people do not feel comfortable when they gain excess weight in their lower body, especially if they gained all that weight in a very short span of time. However, it is important to understand that it is the body that determines where fat is eliminated or stored and there is always a way to shed the same. Thus, if the woe of extra kilos showing off on your lower body has been plaguing your mind then here are four ways you can try to get rid of the same.

Do Both Targeted and Global Exercises

There are a lot of exercises that you probably do which help your overall body besides target your glutes as secondary muscles. Squats, for example, is one exercise that does not just work the quadriceps but treats your glutes as a secondary muscle. You must remember to formulate your workout routine in a way that it incorporates both parts of your lower body and other muscles keeping your lower body muscles the primarily targeted muscles.

Give Your Muscles Time to Recover

One of the major mistakes we make is that we never allow our muscles the time to recover. We may be hitting the gym every day, doing the right exercises and being very strict with the sort of food we eat, but we assume that recovery time happens on its own, when the truth is we need to dedicate the same amount of attention towards it.

Doing Box Jumps

In order to really push yourself, you must incorporate new exercises into your routine apart from the equipment that you are used to exercising with at the gym. One effective exercise is doing the box jump. The box jump involves you placing a 1 or 2 feet tall box in front of you, and then with your spine erect and your shoulders back, jump on top of the box. Note that you must land in a semi-squat position with your back and shoulders still in position. You must repeat this exercise at least ten times in a single routine.


If you feel that you want to target your hamstrings and your glutes, doing deadlifts is the best workout you can do. If you want, you can push your intensity by standing on a block or on a flat board, this focuses on your lower body muscles on balancing and concentrating on your posture.

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