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If you don’t think twice before blaming the other person in such so-called 'annoyingsituations' then you might need to re-evaluate your thoughts over it. If someone whounderstands you the best, for example, a friend who brings out the crazy side of you out,that you keep hidden from the world, might turn out to be the same person who makes youwant to bang your head in wall during her unending jabber, glorifying her boyfriend.
1. Know What Lies Beneath
While it's difficult to understand what's inside someone's head, you need to come in termswith the fact that everyone is fighting their own battle. Everyone is struggling. No matterhow greener the other side of the grass looks, it may not always be the truth.
2. Make efforts to make them understand you
If you're upset about something and your friend can’t keep calm about her loving boyfriend,don't expect them to understand your feelings all of a sudden. They wouldn't know unlessyou tell them. So make sure they understand your situation first.
3. Be A Teacher
If you find that your friend does not have knowledge on a certain topic, instead of gettingmad and pointing fingers, try being a teacher and helping them out. Make sure to showthem some compassion and not lose your humanity and label them as careless.
4. Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated
Keep yourself in their shoes and imagine the way you'd want people to treat you. Don't letyour inner monster kill the good in you. Most of the times we are just expecting too muchwithout giving much back.
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