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Frankfurt is a super nice city where you can do a lot. It is ideal for a weekend away with your love, shopping with friends or a great bachelor trip. Frankfurt has super great restaurants, great shopping spots, cool clubs and plenty of museums and other fun things to do. A weekend is actually too short; you can easily entertain 4 days here. And enjoy all this:

In Frankfurt, you can go to mega shopping. They have many shopping centers and nice little streets with boutiques and other nice shops. De Zeil is the best-known shopping street. You have to go here anyway. It is a kind of Kalverstraat but four times wider. I stroll around all the shops. There are also 2 large well-known shopping malls here: My Sail (Free Wifi is super handy) and the Zeil Gallery. So even if it rains, you can still shop well.

Museum of Modern Art
MoMa is located in the Altstadt on the corner of Dom- en Brauchbachstrasse. The triangular shape gave the museum the nickname “tortenstuck” and I immediately felt like pie. So it was a very short visit but it was definitely worth it. There is a lot to see from Pop art to photography artworks and works by Andy Warhol. The exhibitions change monthly so there is something new to see every time.

City beach
With nice weather, cool city beaches pop up in Frankfurt. It is totally awesome! The coolest place is the Long Island Summer Lounge. Only open in good weather and from 4 pm (at the weekend from 2 pm).

On Saturday morning until 2 PM, there is also a junk / antique market along the Main. When the weather is nice it is very nice to stroll around the stalls here. The skyline of Frankfurt in the background provides a beautiful picture.

Love Locks
The middle bridge over the Main de Eiserner Steg Bridge, better known as the “love lock bridge” is a place where couples in love hang here a lock with a sweet text or their initials engraved.

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