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Relationships are beautiful and the best part of being in a relationship is you tend to be special for someone other than you. While everyone has their own versions to make each other special, every relationship has something interesting of their own which is only their version. Having said that, there are different things which make any relationship beautiful and imperfectly ‘perfect’.

1. Pulling each other's leg

I don’t know how but when your partner pulls your leg, make fun of you, you don’t get offended. You tend to feel very different, the way you have never felt like. To some it may look like some fairy tale, but when you are deeply and madly in love with someone you don’t feel like offended and it does happen.

2. Missing each other after having fights

No matter, how much you fight you will talk to the person after some time because you begin to miss them very soon and this is what makes any relationship beautiful because there is no place of ego in a relationship.

3. Jealousy is bit sweet

You can deny this fact but you don’t feel good at all when your partner talks about someone else. This feeling is surely one of those bad yet good feeling of being in a relationship.

4. Talking about everything

It is good to talk about everything and anything related to the world, life, about each other. It will make your relationship grow stronger and beautiful.

5. Spending time in a different ways

When you feel like talking to them the entire day and never get bored and they are the one whom you can think about when you need someone then surely you have that special bonding with someone and you can make it more special by exploring different things that you can do together.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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