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You may have seen methods circulating online for homebased baby formula. Don't trythem. Creating your own baby formula just isn't safe. I say this out of love and education, butalso out of fear. I am a mother of three boys and a pediatrician who has cared for babies formore than 15 years. I’m also a representative for the American Academy of Pediatrics andauthor of What to Feed Your Baby: A Pediatrician’s Guide to the 11 Important Foods toGuarantee Veggie-Loving, No-Fuss, Healthy-Eating Kids.
My writing partner, Beth Saltz, is alsoa mom, registered dietitian and chef. We’re not going to get into the breast milk vs. formula discussion, as we are all moms, doingwhat we reflect best for our own family. In fact, we’ve never met a mom who didn’t want the bestfor her baby. Both myself and my co-author breast-fed our children and fullysupport  breastfeeding . Though our motto is typically to skip the baby food aisle, if you aren’tbreastfeeding your baby, we decide that it is okay to buy method off the shelf.Not only is there a serious risk of improper nutrition, there is also the chance for contaminationwith germs and other germs. Among the health hazards, some homebased baby methodscontain raw animal milk, which can lead to serious and deadly infections.
Food care hazardscan occur anywhere along the chain. Maybe your milk base (goat, dairy, or otherwise) was dirtyearly in the cycle, or perhaps the probiotic you are adding isn’t accepted for use in infants.A baby’s immune system is not yet fully advanced, so they can get very sick very rapidly. Breastmilk or method is the sole source of nutrition for this susceptible population for many months, sodon’t take any chances.
It’s great that moms nowadays want to feed their baby homebased, healthy foods. Those areeccentric goals that we also recommend in our new book when it comes to feeding babies. However, the benefits of homebased baby food do not apply to baby formula because of therisks that outweigh the benefits. 
If you select to use method, please buy a commercially prepared and FDA approved one.What’s the substitute if you don’t feel comfortable buying commercially prepared and testedinfant formula? Breast milk. And now we’ve come full circle.
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