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Everybody is friendly with fasting, right. For those are not, it is quitting food for the day or a couple of days (but people modified it according to themselves). So, ladies, there is a new trend that is spreading like a fire in a dry forest. And it is skin fasting, what is it now?

According to some Japanese beauty expert, the term is devoted to the days when we have to skip our makeup and any other beauty product on the face. Like many of you, even I don’t know that our skin has inbuilt ability to take care of itself when beauty products are out of the frame. Yes, you get it right, No Beauty products at all!

Come to think of it, taking a break from using foundation, blush, sheet masks, serums and creams can actually be a good thing. Not just products, your skincare routine as well. There is no need to follow a strict 10-steps of a skincare routine if you don’t notice any major change. As far as your complexion is concerned, the less you do for it, the more it will get better.

As you see in skin fasting you let your skin live without any product and gives it a chance to repair itself naturally and produce its own oil, that is really good for the skin. But we avoid it and wash our skin with harsh face wash.

Now I know you will say- what about dryness after that occurs after every wash. However, its effect is for temporary and if you want the permanent solution, it is simple to drink plenty of water. As water has lots of benefits, it flushes out the toxins from our system. And it also helps in clearing out your skin by reducing the appearance of acne, marks, and zits.
Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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