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A few days back, the first ever image of black image made everyone so excited about it then the curiosity to know about it is just not getting over. So I decided to provide you clear insights about one of the strangest objects in the universe. These astonishing facts about black holes will for sure increase your interest in them a ten times more.

What are actually black holes?

We know that everything is the universe is orbiting around something. The planets are orbiting the Sun; the Moon is orbiting the Earth. Similarly the stars move on the orbits around the center of the Galaxy. Black holes are the space in the universe which are circling around the powerful’ black holes’

How are black holes formed?

There are extremely powerful stars in the universe, called as neutron stars. These stars are so dense that when they collide there is an explosion called’ Supernova explosion’ which ends the life of the star, which gives birth to the deadly ‘‘Black holes’.

Interesting Facts about Black Hole:

1. A black hole does not have a surface like planet or star.

2. Black holes don't live forever.

3. Supermassive black holes are the largest type of black hole.

4. The most common type of black holes, stellar black holes, are only up to 20 times more massive than sun.

5. Nothing can move fast enough to escape a black hole’s gravity- not even light.

6. In 2015 two black holes crashed into each other.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar

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