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It's okay to be imaginative. It is fine to spend a little bit time at work looking at your computer like anidiot daydreaming about that designer lehenga you would put on at your marriage, but don't let thisrestrict you from dreaming about the things you did before you met your life partner. Don't let theseimaginations take over your Life goals.
Personal Space
Providing space to your partner which they need is important, and also it is important taking sometime apart for you and enjoying it to the fullest. There is technically no harm in being social withoutyour partner. This would also make sure that you both don't show up everywhere together andvalue your time separately also.
Don't Give Up Your Hobbies
If you happen to have some hobbies. Something that makes you feel like you, just do not stop it. Weall make this mistake when we get into a relationship. Just because you love someone does notmean you have to lose your own self in them or sacrifice yourself. The moment you do that, youhand them over the key to your happiness. This is never a good sign in a relation.
We can't stress over this point enough. As discussed in starting, never forget your personal goals. Ifyou're offered your dream job and still you cannot accept it because it would cost you going awayfrom your loved one, stop and rethink. It's okay to make someone centre of your life at times, butdon't let go off your goals.
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