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You thought you could escape the reality but the hunger of romance is still there in you. You're wellaware of envy, that feeling when you're surfing down your Instagram stories and suddenly stop at apicture of this cute couple, giving a major couple goal to the world, putting all the singles to shame(yeah, we all know them).But you are still to meet those butterflies in your stomach. This is new, this is unique. It's going to bean emotional one but here's something you need to do.
1. The confusion
Between the L words - Lust or Love. What are you exactly looking for? If given a chance, would yourather spend one more hot night with him/her or enjoy emotional story that you two end upcooking? Try to decode what you're feeling. Lust or love. If you choose the latter, you're trappedalready.
2. The step
If you are sure that your feelings are true and you're ready to act upon it, don't be afraid to take theinitiative first. We don't mean a booty call. But ask them out on a date maybe? Probably for a coffeeor meal. Calling them home would just complicate things (Well, you know how it went last time...)
3. Subtle confrontation
As tricky as it may sound, this step needs a bit of planning and some alcohol. The more you try topush this step, the harder it will become. You need to be truthful to them about how you feel butdon't just hand over your heart. Tell them you like spending time with them and see how they feelabout it. If they feel the same, you know cupid has drawn the string of his bow. Well, what happensnext? That entirely depends on how the conversation goes.
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