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It’s funny to know that we get so comfortable with daily life miseries that it becomes hard for us toover it while we can. Yes, we know when to start a relationship but are not sure of the time when wehave to end it. There are minute signs that will tell you when is it finally time to move out of therelationship.
You are taken for granted
Is it even a relation when you are taken too much for granted? I guess it is pure slavery where youare taken too much for granted. Yes, you are reading it correct. When two people actually love eachother, there is a feeling of equality that is being shared.
You are not being respected like before
Things tend to change and get sour with time. But, respect is a thing that a human being needs morethan anything else compared to. Self-respect is something which a person cannot compromise with.A person can compromise over, choices, desires, food, water, clothes, shelter, anything but not self-respect.
You are fed up of giving chances
There should be a limit to giving second chances to anything and anyone. Every time someonemakes a mistake and asks for the forgiveness or a second chance, you forgive the person. Becauseyou love them the most and can’t see yourself living without them. But, the question is, how manysecond chances? There should limit to second chances also. You need to grow stronger and septpriorities in your life.If you are seeing these signs in your relationship, it is high time and you need to give a thought aboutit and consider it once. Before it is too late, better confront and confess with your partner and knowwhen to move out of the relationship.
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