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Managing bipolar disorder is a complementary act—and often a hard one. The trick is to flat outthe highs and lows and treat the flare-ups of  depression  or  mania  without tilting too far the otherway. And because the way people will respond to medications is random, diagnosis andtreatment is a trial-and-error course.
How many meds is too many?
One study, led at Brown University and printed in the journal Psychiatry Research, looked at230 people who were known to a Rhode Island hospital for bipolar disorder in 2010. More thanhalf of those patients were taking three or more bipolar medications, and 36 percent were takingfour or more. Women were particularly likely to be set 4 or more psychiatric drugs—​includingalcohols and anti-anxiety medications, careful controversial as treatments for bipolar disorder.Medication not the only optionMedications are the  keystone of bipolar treatment , but there are other ways to keep signs at bayand help lessen your need on many medications.
Therapy or counseling. Speaking to an approved expert is a great way to help manage yourbipolar disorder. Psychotherapy offers care, education and direction to patients with bipolar andtheir families. People with bipolar can also learn to succeed day-to-day stressors that can triggerepisodes, and learn to change bad or harmful feelings and behaviors.Physical activity.
Training  helps to fight depression by releasing substances that promotepsychological well-being. It also helps combat the weight gain that’s a possible side effect ofmany bipolar medications, recovers  quality of sleep —one of the most significant aspects ofhandling your bipolar disorder—and it can help take the edge off of manic episodes.Writing. Somebody in the throes of cerebral disease is often absorbed on the bad aspects oftheir diagnosis and their apparent lack of control over that illness.  Journaling  allows you tochannel depressive or manic energy into a more positive outlet. It can give your viewpoint andhelp to lessen the pain of shocking experiences.
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