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Bisphenol A—the banned-from-baby-bottles living found in food can linings, some plastic bottles,paper receipts and in the forms of 95 percent of adults and kids in North America—is in the newsagain. This time, just as the US Food and Drug Management declared that BPA levels in food weresafe, a significant new study says the chemical can boost blood pressure.
Tip #1:
Eat fresh. Packed food is the main source of BPA contact for most people. Skip foods sold inplastic containers that have the number 3 or 7 published in the triangular recycling sign on thebottom of the package. Some of these may contain BPA, says the National Institute ofEnvironmental Health Sciences, part of the NIH.
Tip #2: 
Skip canned drinks. One reason to think twice before you pop the top: BPA is in the epoxyfacings of drink cans, too. The other details: Sugar-sweetened sips from cans are like liquidcandy—you don’t need the empty calories or the downsides for your blood sugar and heart healthanyhow. 
Tip #3:
 Store and reheat like this: Use stainless steel, glass or ceramic vessels to store food,rather than  plastic . (Look for BPA-free lids, too.) Microwave in glass containers rather than plastic.
Tip #4:
Say “yes” to email receipts, no thanks to paper. We love the fact that more and morestores send email receipts for in-person acquisitions. They’re keeping one extensive source ofBPA—thermal paper—out of your hands. Punch the “no” button when ATMs and gas pumps ask ifyou’d like a receipt, use electric ticketing for concerts and portable, and ask clerks to toss cash-register takes you don’t need. If you grip receipts on the job, wear gloves and before moving anyfood after treatment receipts—with or without gloves—wash your hands with soap and water.
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