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Undoubtedly, the world of books can make one discover the amazing worlds, with the stories of novels one can become a witness of the beautiful world, having the potential to make us a part of that. With the busy-packaged schedules of our lives we barely get the time to witness it, when our everything is moving so fast, we also want everything by a click of a mouse. Thus, the culture of going to a shop and buying books and then reading is slowly and gradually withering away from our lives.

Most of us thus like to unravel those wonderful amazing journeys through a TV series or through the movies. With a lot of online streaming platforms available to us along with the customized relatable content, most of us go with them. Also, a lot of such series made on the stories of comics and books, with the additional impact of visualization make us more attracted to this medium.

Remaining of us, who are die-heart fans of books likes to either- read books online, with options like kinder or either we order books online through platforms like Flipkart and Amazon. These platforms have made possible to make the books available to us on a click of a mouse at a cheaper price. However, this has affected the business of vendors/ people who are selling books either on the roadside or in the bookstores.

Thus, there has been a fall in revenue of bookstores, with the coming of e-books and as well as the decreasing interest in books.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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