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Don’t you think we often neglect the home-makers or the so-called housewife of the family? Apart from the way she manages the household responsibilities, her talent for cooking mouth-watering dishes goes waste? Have you ever thought why most of the top-reputed hotels have mostly chefs working when women can also cook yummy food every day? Did you ever think about your mother or wife who is a housewife?

Well, the intimate luxury hotel- called ‘The Postcard Hotel’ in Moira, Goa thought the same and decided to hire a homemaker Anju, as a chef in their hotel. It’s been six months since she is working there and she is the only woman working there. She has brought local cuisine to the hotel.

Another chef working there also tells that the fresh, local and authentic food can be best provided to the customers through a local like Anju, who provides them with a lot of local recipes’. She hasn’t work in a professional environment but the other chefs working there make her feel comfortable by sharing their recipes and teaching her team-building exercises too.

Working in the hotel has not only given confidence to her, but she also finds the environment of the hotel quite homely. She says that working there she feels like she is working at her home.

While most of the woman in our country who possess both love and talent for her cooking skills are confined only to the four walls of her house, where her talent is not even recognized. We definitely need a thought over it. Don’t we?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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