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If you discover a good night’s sleep always appears to discharge you, there’s no lack of primary reasons- or likely solutions. Dumping caffeine after 3 pm, giving up that nightcap, having a break from screen time-these are all changes, which could improve the quality of our sleep. But if you have done all of these, and a lot more, and still get up groggy, red and bad-tempered, then the answer may be who is lying next to you. Yes, you and your partner may be completely sleeping incompatible.

This has become such a huge problem, that according to a psychology journal, 30% of Americans would rather sleep separately from their other half. It’s becoming what is known as a sleep divorce. And far-off from being a symbol of a relationship in anxiety experts are saying it could be a decent thing.

Deficiency of sleep may weaken the optimistic feelings we have for our partners. Investigators found people with lower quality sleep established lower levels of thankfulness and were more likely to have feelings of self-centeredness, than those who slept well.

People who slept unwell showed less of a sense of gratitude for their partners. Whatever’s more, poor sleep on the share of one person in the relationship had a bad effect on the moods of appreciation and gratitude for both partners. The reports also share a solution that may sound like something you could both benefit from.

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