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Falling in love is easy but trusting someone is not that easy. It’s ironic how fast people fall in love but it takes years to completely start trusting someone. People say trust comes with true love however, it is not true in some cases.

First of all, we must understand the definition of trust. What is trust to you? And what it takes to break it? It can be anything to everything for you. Most of the people put trust and honesty on the same scale where if a person is honest to you that he or she is likely trustworthy to you. Well, it’s not necessary in most of the cases.

Being honest is necessary to build trust but it’s not the only parameter to judge. As sometimes parents lie to their children for their own well being and vice versa but it’s not that they are not trustworthy anymore. Sometimes people lie to us or hide the truth from us because they fear us getting hurt. But it’s not always the case so you must tell things truthfully to your partner so overcome your fears.

Don’t say something that you don’t mean to say otherwise misunderstandings will grow and you won’t feel anything like before.

Trust can be built through sharing emotions with each other. If you feel sad if you feel guilty of something it must be shared. True emotions help the other person to understand you better.

Don’t always say yes to things which you are not willing to do. It’s important to reveal our real self to someone we love because it might be today you’ll agree on something but it will affect you with time when the same thing keeps happening, again and again, it will make you an agitated person.

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