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Confidence is sexy wear it daily.2019 is the year of smudge proof, matte, creamy lipsticks. It is said, “give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world”. So ladies get ready to conquer the world with these five amazing lipstick shades for spring 2019.

Cute Nude
Nudes have been in fashion for almost ages now. It is a perfect shade for all the ladies out there irrespective of there skin tone. This subtle shade with a matte look can rock an everyday look, an office look, and even the cute girl girly look. ONn a bright sun this shade is right for a run.

Red lips and wine sips
It’s party time or a date night the red shade can make it right. Pull off the classic look with the red. this lipstick shade brings in glamour and the natural glow of your face. The red lipstick makes your lips pop and helps you turn heads. This bold shade brings out the boldness in you.

Pop pink
Right for the spring is the pop pink. Giving a nice pinky yet bold look. This shade blends with your skin and is perfect for the day. With a light makeup, this pop pink does its magic. This lipstick brings out the fun-loving filled with color side of you.

Bored with the red well this orange pinky shade is the perfect substitute. It’s not only right for the party or date nights but can show its magic in the sun as well. This unique lipstick shade makes you look out of the box while giving that usual pinky shade to the lips.

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