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Hair is an essential part of one’s personality. Thickness, length, and shine of hair bring in confidence. With the daily hustle of life and the pollution in the city, it becomes difficult to take good care of your hair. Here are a few tips for your hair to slay.

Turmeric is an essential part of every cooking in the Indian household. It contains beta-carotene, ascorbic acid(vitamin C), calcium, fiber, iron, potassium, zinc, and other nutrients. it helps in quick healing and is anti-bacterial. It is as beneficial for our hair as it is for our body.

Method: Apply turmeric directly and massage on the scalp for 10 mins then rinse it off. It removes dandruff and heals the scalp damages.Turmeric surely turns out to be a boon for your happy scalp.

Milk cream(malai) is a thick yellowish layer of fat and coagulated proteins across the surface of the milk. This layer is skimmed off and is consumed directly, with sugar or as an ingredient in cooking. It helps bring softness and glow to the skin and benefits our hair. Turmeric works as the damage control whereas milk cream brings shine and removes roughness of hair.

Method: Apply it on your scalp and the length of your hair. leave it for 30 mins then rinse it off.

Another essential of our kitchen. It’s a detoxifying agent and source of vitamin c. Lemon works as a natural conditioner and makes our hair strong and shiny.

Method: while bathing in the last mug of water squeeze half a lemon and rinse your hair. Just half a lemon brings wonders to your dull and weak hair.

Curd is known as fermented food all over the world. Apart from enhancing the taste of various foods, curd also improves the digestion and provides strength to bones and teeth and remove dandruff. On the other hand, lemon works as the conditioner for the hair with its detoxifying values and presence of vitamin c. And mustard oil helps in providing nourishment to hair making your hair long and bouncy.

Method: mix curd, lemon juice and mustard oil in a bowl. apply the mixture on your scalp and hair length. Massage for 10 mins then leave it for another 20 mins. Rinse it off.

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