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The feel-good effect of smiling does not only make you happy but the people around you also tend to feel that wave of happiness. Not just smiling but all the facial expressions affect the mood of the other person. Apart from affecting the mood, facial expressions also convey significant information to us.

When you are at your workplace you have to be part of the meeting, important discussions, presentation of ideas to your clients. In all these situations, non- verbal communication plays a vital role in signifying the mood of the other person.

So if you are a beginner and does not have pretty much idea about it or if you want to better understand the people, especially in a professional environment, then here are some common facial expressions used at the workplace, it will guide to understand what the other person is actually thinking.

1. Smile

If you have proposed an idea to the boss and he does not much and just has a smile on his face, it is a clear indication that he likes your idea.

2. Disgust

This expression is used when you said something and the other person does not like it much. Thus, you need to put in more efforts to convince the other person.

3. Surprise

A lot of times the person becomes speechless when you present something interesting and he has actually not expected. So, in this case, the person will use this facial expression.

4. Anger

This is something which you can easily relate very easily. Without any say, when the idea is strongly not liked and the person clearly disagrees with it, then the person will use this facial expression.

5. Anticipation

There are some subjects which can make your boss/ senior/ client excited and he will have this expression on his face.

6. Apathy

Clearly in this case the person will not say much because the person is not interested in your idea. So you have to understand by his facial expression.

7. Disappointment

It happens when the person expects from you and you are actually not able to meet their expectations.

Clearly, the facial expressions used by one person affects your mood as well.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar

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