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Spring geneses with ants’ presence increasing consistently. Ants are little creatures but with so many annoying quirks that make anyone never wish to interact with them especially in homesteads. Thus we often scout for hacks to get rid of them. If you have been searching the same then here are the genius tips that will bring change to your life and maintain the ‘lanes’ with these destructive creatures.

Ant control in the house requires the use of lemon

We all love the scent of freshly squeezed lemon juice. But did you know that the ants don’t? Behold a fact and secret to taking home! Ants repel with the sour taste of the lemon and will not crawl on the floor or create the usual channels through your living rooms. Therefore, you can squeeze lemon juice and thoroughly mix with water then spray it on the floor and the wall. Bet on me; ants will not make their way in your living room. Not at all unless you dumb sugar foodstuffs on the floor. Thereof, whilst using lemon juice, keep the sugary foods from the floor for effective results.

Using salt

Salt is an ingredient available in every kitchen while baking powder is another very cheap and readily available product frequently used in baking. These two products in our kitchen would be the end to the insurgence of the ants in your living rooms. As a genius that you are, end of lease pest control will come only if you mix some salt with water and spray in the ants’ nooks within your living room. Fill out the nooks with solid crystalline salt. Believe me; the ants will not surface again in the same nooks.

Block the ant’s path using baking powder

Baking powder would still be used in the same procedure that the table salt famously known as sodium chloride is used. Baking powder is simply sodium hydrogen carbonate which is another very unfriendly product to the ants. They will not trade in the path of sodium hydrogen carbonate a guarantee to keep the ants the furthest away from your home.

Pour Soapy Detergents

Soapy detergents act as the greatest distractors of the peace of the ants. They will never continue building the channels or using their knocks once they find the irritating detergents on threat pathway. Naturally sprinkling the detergents in the room will be the surest remedy to keep the ants away from your living rooms.

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