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When we see depression as a disease or problem, then getting rid of depression becomes a bigchallenge for us. There are many reasons for stress and anxiety in today's lifestyle. In that condition, hedoes not understand what to do. In such a situation, effective treatment is possible for reducingdepression in Ayurveda, it will be very rare for people to know about it.Depression damages our body in many ways. Problems like allergies, asthma, high cholesterol, andhypertension are arising due to depression.
Depression damages our body in many ways. Because ofthis, there is an imbalance of bile, cough, and many more problems in the body. Apart from this,problems like allergies, asthma, high cholesterol, and hypertension are born due to depression. Eatingsome Ayurvedic medicines can easily be relieved by stress. So let us know what herbal remedies thatwork on stress-are
Brahmi works to reduce the hormone cortisol that causes stress. It is also known for takingreactive action on the effects of stress. Brahmi is very helpful in keeping the mind calm and increasingconcentration.
Bhringraj works to give continuous energy to the brain. It keeps the blood flow in the brain. Itkeeps the mind calm, as well as brings great relief to the whole body as well.
Jatamasi, is very popular as an Anti Stress herb. To remove the tension, the root of theherpes root is used as a medicine. These roots make our brains and bodies free from toxins. And it helpsa lot in keeping Brain FunctionMassage: Massage is recommended from Chandan Bala, Lachchadi Oil, Brahmi Oil, Ashwagandha, BalaOil, etc., which relieve stress and provide relief from depression.
Ashwagandha is the best combination of amino acids and vitamins. It helps a lot inboosting brain energy and strengthening stamina.
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