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India has a rich heritage of games, some lost through time while some are still living and are part of our leisure time. But do you know the games as we know today was actually originated in the Ancient times? You might be surprised to know but the games were part of important rituals and played by gods too. Don’t believe me? Well then here is the proof how games have slightly changed from the ancient times to the present times.

1. Snakes and ladder game:

It was one of our favourite games that we used to play as a kid. Well, you may be aware that these games originate in India but you may not be aware that the original version of the game as played by Gods was different from the present version. Called as Mokshapat, it was fondly played by God Shiva and Parvati.

2. Wrestling

Mythology and folk tales clearly have images of wrestling scenes carved on the walls.It shows how much Krishna loved wrestling.

3. Bullfighting

Jallikattu a traditional spectacle in which a bull is released into a crowd of people, and multiple human participants attempt to grab the large hump has similarities to the bullfighting of Harappa God.

4. Staring until one blinks

The Jain culture mentions about the brothers Bharata and Bahubali competing in games like staring until one blink.

While some games were not played as professionally but they suddenly are metaphors of the games played in present times because they are very similar.

5. Ravana carrying the Kailasa Mountain:

6. Hanuman jumping over the sea

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar
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