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You will be stunned by knowing the value of the burgers we are going to tell you today. The price of this burger is 700 pounds i.e. 63,000 rupees. It is being described as the most expensive burger in the world. A restaurant in Tokyo has started selling the world’s most expensive burgers. Chef Patrick Shimada, who works at Oak Door Steak House, has prepared it. In fact, this exclusive fast food has been introduced to celebrate the beginning of the Rewa era in the country. This burger is being sold at Oak Door Steak House in Tokyo.

The burger named Golden Giant Burger has been made using special things. Golden Giant Burger stacks 1-kilogram patty, wax beef slice, fosse grass (a luxury paste made from goose liver), truffle, lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and onions.

These burgers are about 6 inches wide and 10 inches long. The most typical thing is that the burger’s bun has a layer of dusty gold. These special burgers have been prepared to celebrate the crowning of the new Japanese Emperor Crown Prince Nruhito. The chef Patrick Shimada, who works in the restaurant, has prepared it.

For anyone who wants to eat this particular burger, you will have to book it for three days in advance. Obviously, when the price is so high, its quality will be more and its taste will also be fun.

Chef Patrick, who created this, says that he has created this burger to make big news of the era change in Japan. Chef Patrick said on the hotel’s website that I feel honored to be working as a Japanese in the fourth generation of Japanese.

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