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From the very first episode of Game Of Thrones season one, the web series manages to rope a huge crowd towards from the different countries. As the two years of wait got over when GOT finale season released, the excitement for the finale series is so high that neither we nor other fans keep calm, right! So how can this man sit quite in his home? So, he found a hilarious way to attract people’s attention to him.

You can easily find a bunch of such fans out in the streets of Trondheim, and recently the police of the place created a hilarious scene in the appreciation for Game Of Thrones.

As most of you know that the Night King, the mystical creature who commands an undead army that wipes everyone whomsoever come in their way. The commander of the White Walkers seems to be unstoppable. But Trondheim police caught the Night King and put him into the custody.

Trondheim Police recently shared the picture in which the officer is taking off the Night King to the lock-up and shared the picture of the Facebook page.

“Some of us are big fans of Game of Thrones and wanted to do something fun for the premiere of the very last season,” officer Kristian Akselsen said. “One officer borrowed a mask and orange jumpsuit from a neighbor and the rest was improvised by two patrol units during lunch break,” he added.

“Our job is mostly about serious matters, but it’s important to just have fun sometimes,” the officer explained. As for those complaining that officers should focus on their work instead of joking around officer Akselsen had to say this: “We use our Facebook-page to reach our community, and the attention the “Nigh King”-post has generated may really help the next time we ask for assistance i.e. solving crime or searching for missing persons.”

We can bet that now citizens of Trondheim can sleep peacefully knowing they are protected by such stern officers who succeed to subdue criminals as dangerous as the Night King. Oh, and perhaps they should expect a raven from Winterfell, as those preparing for the fight would probably like a few pointers.

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Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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