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Those of who knows about Tinder would know that swiping right on a photo means that you like them and want to meet them while swiping left means the other way around. When there is so much craze about the dating app, why not play the game of Swipe ‘Right’ and ‘Left’ in your everyday life.

I would be the ‘Tinder’ of your life and will help you find the perfect match for your better health. What are the choices that you must think about considering in your life?

1. Quit Smoking

The new study by ‘The University of Pittsburgh’ reveals that the pleasant odors of chocolates can help smokers kick the habit of smoking.

2. Live Longer

If you have the habit of sleeping in excess you have more chances of heart attacks. The study conducted at Journal of the American Heart Association reveals that too much sleep can cause early death.

3. Boosting Brain

Learning the new language irrespective of any age helps to increase the thinking and memorizing ability. Thus if you want to boost the brain you should think about learning any additional language.

4. Lower Stress Level

The literary world of books helps to keep away from the daily stressors and can relax your body by lowering the heart level.

5. Lack of sleep

The amount of caffeine in coffee affects sleeping ability. If you have the problem of getting a sound sleep you should definitely be cautious about the amount of coffee content.

6. Improve reflexes

The study says that eggs are highly rich in the amino acid tyrosine, which can help to improve your body reflexes.

7. Flat stomach

How much strong your abdominals are, the fat stored around your tummy would not get rid of by doing sit-ups. Thus doing sit-ups to get a flat stomach is a myth.

8. Damaged Hair

Most of the popular brands available in the market have sulphate content in the shampoos, which damages the hair. According to the study hair immersed in a sodium dodecyl sulphate solution loses seven times as much protein as hair immersed in water which can lead to split ends, breakage.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar
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