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Summers are here and what can keep you stay hydrated and cool during this hot and humid weather are the beverages. From alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverages to carbonated and non- carbonated beverages, there are a lot of options available for you that can help you to beat the summers. So why not enrich your vocabulary about these beverages.

1. Beverages:

A beverage is any liquid that we consume for energy and hydration. It can range from tea and coffee to soft drinks and hard drinks to smoothie and milk.

2. Smoothie:

A Smoothie is a drink which contains milk and milk products to blend of fruits and vegetables. They are thicker than milkshakes and contain ice-creams, fruits and yogurt. They are a great source of protein and helps in digestion and lowering blood level.

3. Slushie:

It is a frozen drink made by freezing juice or other liquid like cola with artificial flavours and colours. They are sweet in taste and have crushed ice as a major ingredient. They are not considered good from a health point of view.

4. Fountain Drink:

A fountain drinks are non-alcoholic, usually carbonated beverages. You can find the machine for these soft drinks in popular restaurants, where you can choose the soda of your choice.

5. Cider:

An alcoholic beverage made from the processing of yeast or bacteria with the apple, through the process of fermentation. Thus, fermented apples are the basic source of Cider.

6. Tonic Water:

A soft drink which is bitter in taste and has quinine (a bitter alkaloid) dissolved in it. It is also called flavoured soda. It is added to alcoholic beverages like vodka. The presence of Quinine makes it beneficial for muscle relaxation and treating malaria.

Which one is your favourite?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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