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How people behave in their ‘old self’ is a lot different from the other phases of life. It is because the person starts losing the neurons in parts of the brain. While the landmarks of maturing from adulthood to old age are a source of pride for some, for some these signs are a source of shame or embarrassment. There is a difference in how different people behave differently in their old age.

Different types of elderly people in old age:

1. Engaged in different activities

A lot of elderly people in ’70s and ’80s remain active even in their old age. They can’t sit idle and prefer doing something to spend their time. You would find them engaged in different activities like household works like cutting vegetables, stitching, making flowers etc. When they get ill and have to remain on bed for some days, they want to recover as fast as they could.

2. Typical Saas Wala Character

Another category of people is typical Indian Saas who like to dominate everyone in even their old age. So you will find them always interfering in other’s business and poking their big nose in everyone’s affair. They would spy on everything and everyone.

3. Beauty Conscious Ladies

You may not agree but there exists some elderly woman who still wants to look young in their old age. You would find that they are very conscious of their body and skin. They like to go for beauty treatments like manicure and pedicure.

4. Yoga and Exercise Types Personality

Next, are the young old people who like to do everything they could do. They are very conscious of their daily routine. From going for a walk to spending their time in doing exercise and yoga, they like to stay active and fit.

5. Bhagwan Ke Bhakts

The typical Bhagwan Ke Bhakts, who are concerned about their religious visits and that ‘Char Dham Ki Yatra’. You would see those chanting prayers and deeply involved in God and religious practice.

Thus, old age is definitely just not about being dependent on others or being in illness, they are other traits too that define the old age people. Do you see any other common trait?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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