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While Mondays are the boring days of the week, other days are also not that exciting. Those of you work can completely relate to this fact how the entire week goes thinking and waiting for the weekend. While we don’t feel like working on most of the days we have exceptionally unique reasons for the same.

Have a look at how the whole week goes thinking about the same things.


It’s quite depressive to change that state of mind and being back our mind to the normal mode of working after having spent 2 days of the weekend. While most of the day go about coming back to our normal state, we are barely in the mood to work. So Monday is definitely one of those boring days. Also, a lot of us are still not able to get over from the hangover of the weekends.

Tuesday & Wednesday:

I will put these 2 days together for the reason that they are quite similar. The only 2 days of the week when we are actually working both physically and mentally or rather I would say that these days are the most productive when we want to work when compared to other days of the week?


The reverse counting of the weekend actually starts on the Thursdays. We are happy with the fact that we only have to work for two more days and this is the most exciting most part of Thursday.


Fridays are another boring days of the week when we don’t feel like working because the weekend is already there and we just can’t wait to get to that mode of enjoying. So similar to Mondays Fridays are also very dull, except the fact that we would be having a weekend.

Saturday and Sunday:

The most exciting days of the week, because of its weekend and we can sleep, eat, rest, party, and do what we like. For those of you who don’t have an off on Saturday, I have full sympathy with you. All such people are cursing for having only a day off.


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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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