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Some things remain the same no matter how much situations have changed. Recently I went to my home and observed that things were actually the same, as they were years back. Is it with me or does that happen with everyone? Do parents need to be the same throughout the growing years or do they need to change with the changing question are the daunting questions which need a spoon for thought?

It is understood that parents are concerned for us and they show their concern in quite different ways. When I was in school my parents were afraid that I talked to boys and they were and they have always been protective about it. They always wanted me to maintain a healthy distance from them.

When I was in college I got the phone and now my parents made sure that I didn’t spend more time on my phone and I somehow accepted this fact, assuming that it is their concern which is actually speaking and with that, I also presumed that things would automatically change with the time.

But I guess nothing have quite changed in these years. Even now my parents are so much bothered whenever I am on my phone. They would still question me about the same.

I don’t know is it their lack of interest or are they overprotective however one fact that is quite obvious that if the child is facing those questions quite often at every stage of life they can develop negative feelings for the parents and parents should carefully understand this point.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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