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House decoration is not easy, I know. If you are hiring someone to make this daunting work easy for you, then you not need to worry about the décor. But if you can’t afford the cost of the interior designer for your home-sweet-home, don’t worry, you can explore your mind to make your house beautiful.

When we decide to decorate our house, after so many detailing, there are some spaces about which we mistakenly forget. For example, we invest so much of our time and money in decorating those ‘four-walls’ in a room, but we forget about the fifth wall. And this fifth wall, that is actually roof, can bring a huge difference. Not only the roof, but there are also many other areas, and corners that we forget. So today we are going to see the tips to decorate those ‘left-out areas’ in your house.

Roof (Wall ceiling)

In between the decoration of the so-called important four-walls, we almost forget about the roof. You can do a lot, apart from designing a ceiling design and adding a light fan. You can DIY some of the interesting roofs- hanging things. Such as making a jute thread ball and hang over your dining table. You can make your roof painted with some completely opposite colors of the rest of the walls, decorate them with some hand-painting or prints.

Small Balcony

I know you must be thinking about what you can do with your small balcony. But if you think creatively, then you will get the answer that is- a lot you can do. You can make your small balcony a cozy place, a place where you can get the ‘picnic-vibes’ from. Make it your evening reading-corner, design in the way that you love having a cup of coffee there, working in the laptop turns to more interesting thing. Throw some colorful futons, on the floor with some cushions and add some colorful plants in the background.

Left-out Corners

There are so many left-out corners in the rooms- bedroom, living area and so on. So you can fill the space with either green plants or big lighting lamps. You can also Google many other options and decorate these corners beautifully according to your taste.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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