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If people can’t reach the books, then books should reach prospective readers, this is the idea behind the mobile library. Mobile library or book library is a vehicle which provides access to reading materials, audio, hard copies and internet in the remotest areas of the world through different conveyance like van, horses, bullock cart, bicycle etc.

Mobile library in India

With the availability of internet access and everything on a click the concept of the mobile library may appear impractical and expensive is not the case in reality. The rural libraries in India “have been introduced in rural Haryana with the aim of promoting reading habits across a vast section of the rural population.”

These libraries provide access to the information related to modern agricultural practices, government policies and happenings around the world to the customised audience.

Delhi Public Library in India:

The Delhi public library has 67 mobile services which emphasize the reading culture among people. It also provides customized book services to visually handicapped people.

Dr S.R. Ranganathan, father of library science was the man behind the concept of the mobile library in India. It was on October 21, 1931, when the first library was inaugurated in Melavasal village, Mannargudi taluk. The library provided gave the villagers tips on gardening, bee-keeping, cottage industries and on ways to augment their income.

Along with it, there are some unusual mobile libraries in India which cater to the needs of the students who can’t afford to buy books. These mobile libraries are initiated by some individuals.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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