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What makes you happy? In the city chaos, it is hard to tell what can actually make one cheerful. While the definition of happiness varies from person to person, these little things make everyone happy.

If you want to have a sweet smile on your face, do give a read to it.

1. Finding money:

We all have this habit of keeping change money in our pockets and when we find that extra penny the level of happiness is an unexpected one.

2. Smiling at the child:

Certainly, the smile of the child is the most innocent thing one can have had experience in their life. It can lighten up the mood when someone is upset.

3. Talking to someone after long:

We all are so engrossed in our lives that we forget so many important people of our lives and it feels great when you have a long conversation with them after so long. It feels like we are reliving our life.

4. Spending time with pets:

You love or not love pets but watching innocent pets can definitely make anyone feel happy.

5. A gesture of kindness:

Does it happen with you that when you help anyone without expecting anything you feel a sense of positivity around you? I think it happens with most of us, little gesture of kindness makes us happy.

6. Long hug:

A long hug from your close one is all you need when you are upset. The warmth hug can take down all the worries and stress from your life.

7. Doing nothing:

There are times when you don’t want to do anything and doing nothing can actually make your day.

8. Getting free food:

Anything you are getting in free will give you tons of happiness, especially free food is the tastiest food you have had ever eaten.

9. Surprise gifts:

There would be hardly any who do not like surprises. Surprises can bring joy to anyone’s life.

10. Unexpected holidays:

Whether you are in school, college or office unexpected holidays are one of the most special holidays of our life. Isn’t?

Do these things also bring happiness on your face?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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