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Are you ready for summer? Is shopping done? What about makeup, I guess you have moved on from your winter makeup to the summer ones. If not done yet, it is high time to shift from your winter makeup to summer makeup. As in winter, fall and in summer our skin acts differently, so we need to go with the change. In winter your skin tends to feel dry, while in summer your skin releases more sweat.

Here we have points that won’t let your makeup melt at all. We asked the tops makeup artists, and have concluded points that they have told us.

#1 Start With Moisturizer

We know its summer, but still, your skin needs miniaturization. So it is good to use a light water-based cream.

#2 Layer On Sunscreen

Sunscreen and UV protection are so essential in summer. To protect your skin from sunburn and patches after getting tan, you need to apply a layer of a good sunscreen.

#3 Makeup Primer

Invest in a good makeup primer, as it makes the base of your makeup and doesn’t let it melt. Primers are definitely to go with after moisturizer.

#4 Wear Less Makeup

To protect your makeup from caking and creasing, stay with minimum makeup. In summer less is more. Use powder compact to set your make in.

#5 Skip Shimmer

The shimmer is big no in summer. I know you must love the effect of it, dewy and glowy skin, but there is a huge difference in healthy radiance and an over-the-top shine. Avoid cream based foundation as much as you can. Either go for mousse or light-weight foundations.

#6 Go For Summer Blush Shades

Rose pink and peach are the most used one in summer as great cheek blushes. They won’t look fake, instead, give you a natural glow.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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