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Drinking and driving is nothing new, when we talk on the phone while driving what’s the harm in messaging, throwing garbage on the streets is okay for us. We love breaking lines and when it comes to rules and regulations there is nothing that can stop us from breaking them.

However, when we step outside the country we become the most civilised person. On the one hand, when we never think about even once before throwing the trash on the streets in our country, we are some other person when we are in some other world. So saying that problem is with the mentality of the people is absolutely wrong. The problem is much deeper than that.

Have you ever thought why does that happen? What do you think is the reason behind it? Are we hypocrites? Maybe or maybe not. Understand the situation like this, when we look the streets around us, they are already dirty and thus we hardly bother about it and make it filthier. Filthier streets hardly affect us.

Also, when it comes to punishments on breaking the rules, they are much lighter in India. We know that we can easily escape from anything and everything by bribing the officials. Even if that’s not the case the penalties are not that harsh that it would affect people. On the other hand, when it comes to penalties in other parts of the world they are much harder and it is difficult to escape from them easily.

Singapore was once the dirtiest country but the situation is now entirely different. With strict rules and regulations, it has become one of the cleanest countries. Thus with the stricter guidelines, a lot can be changed in our country too.

Thus, that is the reason probably why Indians break rules. Isn’t it?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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