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We all have this awful habit of making judgments, commenting on people’s preferences and tastes. We all do that, sometimes the remarks are made on physical appearances, sometimes it’s the perspective and sometimes it’s about what they see and how they see. However in doing that we forgot a lot of important things which do have a profound impact on their mind.

Whenever we come across an extremely fat person what is the most obvious thing that we do? Probably laugh at them or make some insulting remark on them. Right? Do we think even once saying that may put the person in guilt for a lifetime? Such people are so used to hearing this that they become very depressed at a certain point of life. Thus, think at least once how much impact your one word can have on them.

It’s just not about the physical appearance but we say a lot of things in our everyday life that we don’t even realize it. For instance, if someone does not watch movies or does not travel much we are used to hearing a plain remark from the straight face ‘How in this world do you even exist?

We forget this fact that there is a reason behind everything. Maybe there could be some history attached to it? Maybe there could be something which doesn’t know about?

Thus, we should definitely understand:
1. We don’t know what is going in other’s life.
2. How much impact they have on the lives of other people.
3. We can’t go back to how things were.
4. Sometimes we have thoughts that we don’t understand.
5. Sometimes there is nothing left than to move on.
6. A lot of us care but not enough.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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