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National High-Speed ​​Rail Corporation Limited has invited bids for an under-sea tunnel project under the Mumbai-Ahmadabad Bullet Train Project. This is India’s first under Sea tunnel. This tunnel will consume the area up to 7 kilometers for a bullet train corridor. This tunnel will be in Thane Creek area.

National High-Speed ​​Rail Corporation Limited has issued tender notices for the construction of India’s first under Sea tunnel on Tuesday. According to this notification, the timing of completion of the tunnel project is 3.5 years.

During this time the project has to be completed. The bullet train project deadline is 2022. However, land acquisition for PM Narendra Modi’s bullet train project remains a major obstacle. Actually, many villages in Gujarat and Maharashtra are not ready to give up on their land.

The news came in the past that the farmers involved in the bullet train project in Gujarat and Maharashtra are demanding more compensation for their land. In addition to this compensation, farmers in both states have laid the prerequisite for giving the land. The government should ensure the general facilities. Like the arrangement of hospital and doctor on the village level including the shared ponds, schools, solar lights.

Explain that India has taken a loan of 88 thousand crore rupees from Japan for the bullet train project of Rs. 1 lakh crore for Mumbai-Ahmedabad Route.

Japan has passed this loan for 50 years at a nominal interest rate of 0.1 percent. Apart from this, the remaining Rs 20,000 crore will be spent by the central government.

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