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Having a fit body is important but in this world filled with competition one needs to have a sharp and extraordinary healthy mind to stand out of the crowd. Which is why we have got you a few food and exercises that can help sharpen the mind.


Ashwagandha is used since ancient times to remove the tension. It can help in reducing the stress hormones. To speed up the brain, drink a TSPU Ashwagandha powder and drink it in hot milk 30 minutes before sleeping at night.


Walnut takes care of your mind and your heart. Alpha-endolineic acid is present in it with many other nutrients. They work to increase blood circulation by providing a sufficient quantity of oxygen to the brain. Because of which memory becomes sharp.


Turmeric has many such properties that work to neutralize the effect of stress. The Fertile-good hormones within the curcumin present in turmeric work to reduce the symptoms related to dopamine and serotonin depression. To sharpen your mind, you must include almost half spoon of turmeric in the diet.


Blueberries are very beneficial for the brain due to strawberries or blackberries being rich in antioxidants. It also helps in increasing concentration.

Exercise to Sharpen the mind


Playing puzzles game decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s. To start with one can play Newspaper Crossword and Sudoku Games. With these games, you give yourself a challenge, which makes a good exercise for the mind.

Use inverted hands for everyday things

Doing the daily chores with opposite hands can help. Brushing teeth or combing hair, if we do with reverse hands, it has a good effect on the brain.

Do some work by shutting eyes

Make your daily work like food or juice, or dash your eyes off. Yes, you have to be cautious in this. But these task depends entirely on the touch. To activate the inactive part of your brain one should perform these task with closed eyes.

Learn a new language

In this, you need to have some patience. But you can give it a little time every day on this. Start learning any language that interests you. According to a study, the reproduction of multilingual classes is good and makes your brain exercise.

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