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Breakfast is the most essential among all the diets you consume in a day. No matter you are on dieting or not, you should never skip breakfast at any cost. Doctors say that everyone should have breakfast and it should also be healthy. But due to changing lifestyle, we often miss breakfast in the morning. Initially, this happens only for a couple of days but later it becomes a daily habit. But perhaps you do not know, skipping breakfast directly affects your health.

If you want to avoid obesity, you should definitely have breakfast every morning. In a study, it has been found that skipping breakfast in the morning is more likely to cause hunger during the rest of the day and it becomes an important factor in increasing weight. According to the study, consumption of protein-rich foods in the morning diet increases the level of brain capacity in young people.

Expert Suggestions
Kevin Smith, a researcher at the US Mayo Clinic, says that skipping breakfast is associated with obesity and weight gain in the central part of the body, and this association is more clearly seen in those who do not eat breakfast. Apart from those who have never had breakfast, they have reported more weight in the past. Studies have shown that having a protein-rich breakfast reduces the desire to eat fast food anyway.

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