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We have a plethora of bacteria in our mouth. The bacteria that don’t go away from the regular brushing they mix with the other bacteria and form plaque. This plaque forms tartar, which can only remove by the deep clean method. If tartar remains in a mouth for more than one week it causes inflammation of the gums. Eventually, if bacteria remain in a mouth it will create a big mess. If good oral health at home is not enough to manage your mild case of gum disease. Then deep clean is the first line treatment that easily removes plaque, which if untreated could possibly lead to the tooth loss.

Only your nearby dental clinic dentist can tell you for sure. With the help of a periodontal instrument, your dentist will check the spaces between your teeth and gums. Dentist recommends deep cleaning treatment which involves root planning and scaling.

Root planning: This method involves cleaning the tooth using dental instruments or laser to remove rough spot on the teeth due to bacteria.

Scaling: In this, your dentist will help you clean out the areas which are hard to reach with your regular toothbrush. Your dentist will start with removing the plaque which is a yellowish layer on your teeth. Even after thorough brushing it gets developed and stick to your teeth.

Post Treatment Care: After the process of deep cleaning there are chances that you might face a little discomfort and pain. This, however, will last only for a few days. But if the pain continues for a longer duration, then reach out to your dentist. He/she will prescribe an antibiotic for the same. Also, a follow-up appointment is recommended after the treatment.

If your dentist has recommended a deep cleaning treatment, you are not alone. As per the American Academy of Periodontology, nearly half of the American’s adults suffer from gums disease. Still not convinced? Many latest types of research have been shown a direct link between untreatable gum disease and serious illnesses like heart attack, diabetes, dementia and etc. Finally, if your nearby dentist says you need a deep cleaning treatment, you owe it to your over health and take care of health.

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