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Moms are sweet, even sweeter than mangoes! But sometimes they become bitter than a bitter gourd when it comes to ‘getting married’. Their chir…chir… began when their girls step into their early twenties. This battle is not the new one because of the new modern thinking, it is being run since a very early time. The difference is that that time not many girls had the courage to step into the battleground, but now almost every girl is independent and they can say what they think.

Indian parents’ logic is out-of-this-world, something that is next to impossible to understand. Before they say something and after a second they switch to another thing, whatttt! SO confusing, right? Actually, they are confusing.

This marriage is a long battle and I think it is not going to end soon in the houses of an Indian parent. Meanwhile, let us see some funny illustrations may you can relate yourself with it.

1. All their ‘so-called’ rules and regulations suddenly disappear.

2. Ahhh! What is this? Can you set me up with the man to whom Sharma Uncle ki Patni ki Nand Ka Bhai Ka Beta??

3. When their all logics go straight out of the window.

4. When Mom suddenly started to interrogate about friend’s brother and ask silly questions.

5. No single attention to our hard work, but the thing she is only worried about is Shaaaaadiii and ‘gol roti’

Mom and shadi battle will keep on going, don’t take stress because of this so much. Just enjoy your life! If your parents are making extreme pressure on you to get married, take them for a coffee and make them understand what your plans of the future is, they will surely understand as they are parents though.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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